Friday, April 17, 2009

Cicatrices by Marcelo Birmajer


Marcelo Birmajer (author) and Gustavo Aimar (illustrator)
19 x 24 cm.

Cicatrices (Scars) is a poignant, yet beautifully told story about a lad in love with a capricious girl who won't accept him until all his scars are removed. The young man finds a magician who begins to remove the scars, but as the scars are removed, the experiences attached to them disappear. The picture book has a combination of long and short passages and illustrations done in collage. An excellent book for a discussion on what makes us who we are.

Most of the text, if not all of this picture book can be found at . The book can be purchased at Amazon . Gustavo Aimar (illustrator) has a blog that can be accessed here.

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