Saturday, October 10, 2009

La luna naranja

On this Fall Saturday, I had had the pleasure of stumbling into La luna naranja (The Orange Moon), a children's literature and art blog written in Spanish and published by Coni Salgado. The latest entry, titled Una imagen, mil palabras (One image, a thousand words) showcases an illustration by Matías Acosta (Uruguay) that could spark quite a number of words. When first seeing it, the viewer might think a white space is all that is there, suddenly a thread is seen, then more... where is this character going? Why? Who is he? A caption underneath the illustration invites the reader to write a story, a poem, a short narration.
A feature of the blog is the Galería de libros mágicos (Magical Books Gallery) which contains a slide show of 47 magical books. Once a book cover is selected on this slide show, the reader is directed to a Picassa album housing 47 covers (so far) of the books. Some of the titles include author, illustrator and publishing house. The titles in the collection are for different age groups, and include classics as Alcott's Little Women, Saint-Exupèry's The Little Prince, and Twain's Tom Sawyer. While the above-mentioned classics can be found in many US bookstores, other notable books in this collection may/may not be available in the US: Romero's En orden de estatura (Height Order); Ramos' Corazón de grillo (Cricket Heart), or Tarrancón's La guerra que no fue (The War that Wasn't). (Hint, hint book sellers!!)

The blog includes a good number of links to illustrations, some with text and some without.
Some folders in the blog are not presently working. Let us hope this gets corrected soon.


  1. Thanks a lot!
    Welcome to La luna naranja!!!
    Coni Salgado

  2. How wonderful beeing here!
    Ma. A. Esain
    From la Luna naranja, 7 Calderos Mágicos, Imaginaria (la Biblio de los chicos), etc.