Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good to know

Recently I was thinking about El pato y la muerte, a picture book I read while I was visiting Chile. I remembered how moved I was with the plot’s unfolding, and how I felt as the text and the illustrations wove into just the right package. I set it aside meaning to purchase it, but with everything we were doing forgot to buy it. A year later, as Amy and I prepared for a presentation at the Wisconsin Library Association conference, the title came up in our conversation making me recall how upset I was as I left Chile and forgot to buy the book.

A week ago I went online determined to find it: it is definitely one of those books. While looking for it, I found or Casa del libro , a bookstore in Spain which specializes selling books online. Having never ordered a book from a company out of the US, I was somehow reluctant to place the order, but the fact that the book was one I had to have convinced me to go ahead.

The ordering process was straightforward, pretty much like ordering from any online bookstore in the US. The shipping rate was more that I would have liked to pay, but in all fairness, considering the book came from another continent, I could not complain. Soon after placing the order I received a confirmation email and later another message about approximate times for receiving the package.

The book arrived fairly quickly, before the time they announced it would make it home. The packaging was excellent and the condition of the book superb. With an experience like this, I am definitely ordering from them again. 

Go ahead and drop us a line if you know of another online store like this. There are too many good books we need to get over to this side of the world!

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