Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loles by Aurelio González Ovies, illustrations by Julio Antonio Blasco

Editorial Pintar Pintar (Spain) continues to produce excellent quality picture books for children. The last one which has caught my attention is a poem about Loles,  a girl who hated books so much she would always erase the print in them. One day she is so, so sorry she decides to write everything she has erased. Packed with one hundred notebooks, one textbook, four hundred pencils, and lots and lots of deep thinking, she isolates herself. As she furiously writes, she goes on to discover her dreams, tenderness, the strength to overcome her fears, and more.

Take a moment to watch this beautifully crafted book trailer: Loles por Aurelio González Ovies, ilustraciones de Julio Antonio Blasco. Hopefully in the future we will be able to find this and more beautiful books from Editorial Pintar Pintar in the United States. Note: Should someone spot this book on this side of the ocean, please drop us comment. 

For more illustrations from the book see Issuu  and Facebook


  1. ...ummm, thanks!!!..... :D

    Julio Antonio Blasco

  2. Miles de gracias por tan bellas palabras de un libro que siento muy cerca. Besos desde Asturias.