Monday, March 16, 2009

Ordering Authentic Spanish Literature

by Amy
Updated October 2010


Follett describes “authentic Spanish” books as titles that were originally written/published in Spanish. They suggest 2 ways to find them. One way, click on the "Search" drop down menu and choose the link "Advanced Search". A Collection Development search page opens. Change the language to "Spanish" and search using the following Dewey number range - 860-869 (ie. poetry=861). The results page has a "Refine your search- Quick Filters" links on the right side and the links sort the results by interest levels. The second way, create a list of Spanish titles. In the right hand column, click the link, "Search within the List". In the keyword box, type in "translat*" (this identifies titles with "translated" and/or "translation in the note field) and select Spanish in the language box. This identifies/isolates the translated titles. Deselect and click "remove" to remove any titles from the list.


Login to the website and click on the drop down menu “Book Lists”. Select “Mackin Book Lists”. On that page look for a drop dow menu “World Languages”. Select “Spanish & Spanish/English” and then the grade level/topic link you want. If you choose a grade level “Elementary Spanish” for example, an “Authentic Spanish” link will be an option. That option will give you lists of books published by Spanish language publishers.

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  1. Here are some additional vendors

    Baker and Taylor

    Starting on the main Search Screen, locate the Filter By section in the gray box on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the Language box and then click on the Drop Down arrow next to it. In the Drop Down box, click on Spanish. From there, you can filter in any parameters you wish. In the extended view of a title, look under edition. If it says TRA that means it is a translation. It may also say “Bilingual” in the edition field. Once you have done your search using the filters, you may even narrow you list further by using the Guided Navigation feature in the green box on the left hand side of the Search Result Screen.You can click on Audience, then click on a grade level. It tells you right next to the grade level how many titles are in that category. Baker & Taylor also offers lists under Selection Lists. There is a Spanish list under Selection Lists > CATS (Children's and Teen Services) Categories > Spanish Language > Children's Fiction - Spring 2009 (Espanol), Selection Lists > Pub / Espanol Categories >, Selection Lists > Schools - Never Out of Stock Express Categories > Spanish Language, and Selection Lists > Spanish Language Categories > Children's.

    Ordering Books in Spanish

    Bound to Stay Bound

    Find our Spanish/Bilingual titles using the QUICK SEARCH at the top of the screen. Click the pull down box to SUBJECT and simply type in SPANISH. (You should get 522 results that also include BILINGUAL titles too.) If you only wanted to search for Bilingual Books, use the same SUBJECT SEARCH and type in Bilingual.One really neat feature that we have is the ability to reduce thatlistright on the screen. You can use the Search Filters in the left hand margin and reduce this 522 title list immediately. Say you only wanted to see what we had in FICTION. To do that, go to the Classifications under Search Filters and remove the check mark one at a time: Click off the check mark in EASY and let the screen update, then click off Biography and then Non-Fiction. You'll be left with 89 FICTION titlesin Spanish/Bilingual.If you want to see what SPANISH Series & Sets we carry, just click on SERIES & SETS in the left margin and look under BROWSE BY CATEGORY.